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I took an SQL programming class after graduating with a Philosophy BA because I knew I needed to be more computer literate/(tech savvy) after having a BA that incorporated no programming or software skills other than MS Word.
In fact, I would happily tell you in person how I most likely owe my entire career thus far to that one SQL course I took at San Francisco City College in Fall 2007.  I didn't do much with the knowledge from that course until 2011, when I volunteered to build a "data-driven website" for a friend of mine who is a social worker at Washington Hospital Center, in Washington DC.  I created a basic website with PHP/MySQL, my first real coding project ever. The site was created to help several social workers do their jobs much more effectively and efficiently.  The project was called SkyCare, but was eventually canned.


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Debora Cohen and her band Lovers Love Haters are one of the best independent musical entourages that I know of - I really admire her work.

Lovers Love Haters Official music video. Poison. from morehartfilms on Vimeo.