I grew up in Los Altos, California, about 10 minutes from Stanford University.  I enjoyed my high school experience at a Benedictine high school (WPS) in Portola Valley, Calif. I went to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Calif. for 2 years before transferring to UC Santa Cruz and finishing a BA in Philosophy in 2007.

Before I even finished at UC Santa Cruz, I decided my life was going nowhere fast without some form of technical degree.  I applied to go back to school and was accepted to do an MEng in Environmental Engineering at University College London, in the UK: a solid program at a great university.  I quickly realized how expensive living and studying would be in London, so I dropped the idea. After a year in Berkeley and San Francisco avoiding some start to a career and working as a personal banker at Wells Fargo, I enrolled at SUNY Buffalo in the Fall of 2008 to do a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering (known as a BSIE). I graduated in May 2010, and it took me 2 years. I was fortunate to find an internship with Rockwell Automation in Cleveland, Ohio, the summer I graduated.  In the middle of that summer I flew to Baltimore to interview with Booz Allen Hamilton, and subsequently worked for 3 years in DC as an IT consultant and programmer.

I had plans to go to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, but I gave them up due to time and monetary restrictions. Much of my international travel revolves around the world soccer calendar. Traveling to international tennis tournaments is a future possibility as well.

I enjoy doing a variety of sports and physical activities, although an ACL tear in my right knee will hinder my future professional sports careers. A lifelong passion has been soccer, but I hope to become better at rarer sports, perhaps the Biathlon, and although vertically challenged, enjoy playing a spare game of basketball and volleyball. My primary outdoor activity is mountain biking.

I am focused on a career in engineering. I am working on several undercurrent projects. I would like to build a wind power turbine, finish a few software programs that I have started, maybe finish a movie script, and write some more songs. I've been in a hip hop band and would like to start another band at some point.

I would love to learn how to weld, get better at tennis and dancing, and learn French, but that will probably never happen. I am considering doing a masters degree or PhD in electrical engineering.

I enjoyed my times in the Great Lakes region while going to school in Buffalo and working in Cleveland for Rockwell Automation. One might call me a 'rust belt romantic'. I would seriously consider moving back there sometime in the future, since property prices are so low. Washington DC was good to me, but now I am back in the San Francisco Bay Area. Watch out for big things in the future (maybe).



PS I Love Quora


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