Hip Hop Compilation:


Best of Hip Hop - A Compilation List


Me and Danielle - "Home":


Me playing with ATBK at band practice - "Time":



Ten Ton Truck:


My DJing endeavor:

I DJ for fun..for very few people. At some point it would be great to score some gigs. I like to DJ alternative dance music, with an emphasis on late 70s and 80s alternative and indie dance, which includes punk and hip hop, this theme continues for tracks made in the 90s and 2000s, but with more emphasis on electro-rock.

Here is a list of songs that have catalogued for future use.


"New Rave" is a pretty good catch all for what I like to play, which is a modern synthesis of:

Indie rock
Electronic rock
Big beat
Hip house


I am currently going by the name DJ Dendrobates, DJ Arastradero, DJ Al-Metal and some others.

My home setup (I'm a Bedroom DJ)!:






Some tracks I like to spin: