Currently I work as a programmer. So I assume people would want to see my GitHub account or StackOverflow profile before they even looked at my resume.
So without further ado.

  Here is StackOverflow:         profile for Alex Mills at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

  And here is GitHub:


Here's my resume: Resume (as of Feb 2014)

My page on Linked-In:
I highly enjoy my current job and have learned more doing what I do now than all of my previous jobs combined - it has essentially elevated me from being an amateur programmer to a professional one.
I am focused on a career in an engineering field, related to Industrial Engineering. Working for an outfit that supports the FAA in the Washington DC area is something that interests me.  I am also very interested in working in the wind power industry.

I was considering going to DTU in Copenhagen, Denmark, which appears to be the premier worldwide institution in wind energy engineering studies.